About Us

At Oral Health Sydney, we take great pride in our services to our patients. We help our patients achieve magnificent smiles, optimal oral health and functional treatments using the latest evidence based technologies at the highest standard of care. We are proud to be amongst the first in Australia to be awarded Accreditation by QIP against the NSQHS standards.

Thorough Assessment & Treatment Planning

During your first consultation with us, your oral health status will be thoroughly assessed. Our clinicians will educate you about your oral health needs using advanced digital aids such as computer simulations, intra-oral cameras and digital radiography. This is followed by discussions on comprehensive personalized treatment plans encompassing treatment requirements, associated costs and time. You can choose from a variety of treatment options to suit your time and budget.

At Oral Health Sydney we are proud of our highly qualified, constantly up-skilled and research modernized team of dental professionals. Using a combination of treatment modalities, we endeavor to improve and maintain your oral health at an affordable price.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable and affordable oral health services with the aim of improving our patients’ oral health and quality of life. We will build lasting relationships and provide ongoing relevant evidence based patient education and advice.

We accept our patients as partners in their wellness. We assume our leadership role as a resource - a window of reliable honest information with concern for our patients overall wellbeing. We consistently deliver more than what would be reasonably expected.

We will achieve this by maintaining a proactive, caring, enthusiastic team of professionals in our team who respect and honour each other in building a trustworthy and safe working environment at a state of the art modern facility.

Dr Manish Bhutada

Know your Principal Dentist

Dr Manish Bhutada was the Sub-dean at the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Sydney. He is one of the youngest dentists worldwide to have completed a PhD in Dental Neuroscience. His pioneering research and innovative contributions in the field will lead to new ways of treating jaw muscle and orofacial pain.

While Manish helps in creating magnificent smiles for his patients, to help further the knowledge of dental science he continues to contribute in its research and education. He teaches and mentors the next generation of clinicians at The University of Sydney. He is passionate about his international research activities within: Jaw functioning and management of temporomandibular disorders; Yoga and complimentary therapies in the management of various dental conditions, such as chronic pain.

For his vital contributions towards the dental profession, Manish has been honored and commended by a number of organizations and has been conferred several awards, such as International Association for Dental Research award, Millennium Foundation Research award, Australian Postgraduate award, Nomination for the Young Lecturer Award by the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, University of Sydney Postgraduate award and many more.

Manish has many scientific publications to his credit and has made numerous international presentations, viz, Scientific paper presentations at Society for Neuroscience; International Association for Dental Research; International Masticatory Symposium; Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons; Federation Dentaire Internationale.

Manish has also been associated with YOGA since his early years. He has won 15 gold medals in Yoga and became the youngest author worldwide (at the age of 14) for a book on Yoga titled ‘Yoga for Health’. He has been propagating, demonstrating and lecturing on Yoga worldwide for the past 20 years and has been honored with the title of ‘Yogratna’ by the Yoga Federation.